Who’s right in this situation?

So me and my boyfriend have been dating for almost 2 years, and we have different financial goals. I spend money on him to treat him and whatnot because I can afford that. He doesn’t have much (still in school) so he can only get me certain things which I don’t mind. He gets upset with me though that I spend too much sometimes and explained the reasons behind saving/starting a savings account. However, recently, he spent all of his saving money on me for my upcoming birthday on the hope that he lands a decent paying job 6 months from now. I got upset obviously because 1) that’s unfair/hypocritical and 2) he didn’t even inform me that he was using his savings account to pay for everything so I could’ve at least helped. Now he’s sad over the situation and I’m disappointed. What do you think? He said it didn’t matter since I enjoyed what we did (we ate lunch and got a small gift). But, now he doesn’t have anything in case an emergency happens. My thing is that I don’t mind him treating me but not at the expense of something else which he knows.
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Who’s right in this situation?
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