Should I leave my two year relationship?

Here are a few reasons why things did not went well. his dad expelled me from his house on my second Thanksgiving and my boyfriend did nothing. he said I only wanted his visa since I am foreign. After that we never more were the same things only went down hill he changed job and got best friends which he did not had before they are all man. he decided to break up out of no where I begged him not to. We kept going he lied for me about where he was while visiting his friend and decided to go a in a trip with one of them and we never been in a trip, he did not got me anything for my birthday and 3 months later got me a ring that looks like an engagement ring but he said that is not it is just for my birthday. He started becoming aggressive yelling at me when angry he tried to break up many other times but never could finished so I agreed to break up but he still don’t want. When I want discuss things he doesn’t want to debate and just gets very angry if I am not happy with his behaviors. His dad is a crazy manipulator and my boyfriend does everything for him including lying for him and leaving me alone for holidays even though I have no family or friends in town besides him. Is hard to break up because I love him we have same religion and background but I think things are getting worse instead of better he lied a lot in the beginning of the relationship like about his dad work which he does not have and my boyfriend and his wife need keep working for his dad. My boyfriend also pays the bills of the house of his dad and he always wants incondicional love from me but he never offers the same love back
Should I leave my two year relationship?
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