What do you love about your partner?

Things I love and value about her, in random order
We need to go visit here baby...
We need to go visit here baby...
Works to have time together and make quality time
Non judgmental, accepts me as I am... how I dress, how I maintain house, etc.. I've had a "critical" girlfriend before and that was painful.
Values love and family not material things.
Enjoys adventures, doesn't have limitations... willing to packup and go...
Plans ahead, but is flexible
Can dressup quick and look beautiful, or dress down and be comfy
Enjoys good food, knows quality, knows food. No junk food... but will enjoy desserts with me.
Thus she's healthy.
Great conversationalist, can talk about anything
Hard working and goal oriented. Can focus and get work done and has time to have fun.
Honorable - I trust her to respect sanctity of our relationship
Has her stuff together financially and a plan for life.
Not narrow minded in terms of beliefs, keeps open. Valuable as I've been around narrow minded Christians... and that was bad.
Gives me space when I need it.
Enjoys life and money, but money doesn't control her.

Knows how to turn on the sex appeal
Intimacy and sex works, only with her. I was very dysfunctional in early life and erectile dysfunction. She was patient and have only done well with her.
She's concerned for my health and well being and directs me towards work and choices that are better/safer for me

Quality parent: trains them, instills family values, discipline, cares for children, but doesn't enable them or allow them to get away with stuff bad for them.
Builds sense of family even in face of divorce.. e. g. shows respect to her kids for the ex husband.
What do you love about your partner?
How about you?
1 y
Exposes my emotional makeup conditioning/flaws and helps me to work more effectively with other people without giving too much of myself.
Pointed out major issues that had me hung up in the past. Painful, but essential to my growth. Helps me to work on myself.
Open to my hobbies and activities, supportive of them
Decisive, which accents me well
She's quality person in character, integrity.
What do you love about your partner?
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