What does it mean if my girlfriend tried to hide a text from me?

A little background information: I have never been given any reason not to trust my girlfriend. We have been together for almost 3 years, and she knows I suffer with jealousy. The jealousy has also been the main trigger in all of our fights, so in other words I know I have to work with it.

But I couldn’t help it a couple of days ago. My girlfriend had her birthday, and then this girl congratulated her and says something like: “hope your days is as lovely as you are”. Now I don’t know this girl, because they met 5 years ago, but it appeared to me that she had a crush on my girlfriend. She has liked all my girlfriend’s profile pictures on fb (even from before they met), and my girlfriend also had her on snap where she sent those weird snaps (but deleted after my request). My girlfriend says she’s just a random friend which she met 2-3 times, and I trust her; however I don’t trust this girl and her intentions.

Later that day, my girlfriend had received a message from this girl where she asked how her day have been, and my girlfriend just answered with “good”. Now I didn’t know she had received the text till the day after when I confronted her about being a little to secretive and not wanting to open messages in front of me. So I directly asked her whether this girl sent her a message, and she says yes. I saw the message, and even all their other messages from the past was truly veeery platonic. Therefore I don’t really see why my girlfriend would hide it from me. She told me she didn’t want me to get angry because of nothing, or ruin my day.

I didn’t even get angry about the message, I’m just curious as to why she would hide it from me.
What does it mean if my girlfriend tried to hide a text from me?
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