How to notice that if my boy bestfriend likes me?

We met in first year high school, and now were in 4th year. We were very close people always think that were a couple and siblings (I dont know why maybe because of our face). We were in the same section and seatmates. He always holds my hands, plays with it, tickle me, irritate me, slept on my lap, sometimes makes me cry, and even sang for me. I didn't for me to fall in love with him. When I confessed to him, he just said, " It's ok. It's just admiration to a person." I felt he rejected me. But things just still went back to normal and he didn't ignore me. I even kissed his cheeks a couple of times. When I told him that I transfer to another school. He was like, "Please don't go". And it made me cry on our last exam that year. On our second year when hanged out with them ( my boybestfriend and our other friends). I ran to the door of their classroom and hugged him tightly. Her cousin who was older than us even said that I was his girlfriend, it made me blush. Our friends even said he cried the moment they asked him that if he misses me.
How to notice that if my boy bestfriend likes me?
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