Am I just being picky?

What if I want my boyfriend to stop smoking cigarettes? And he doesn’t stop? I want him to stop being so insecure about himself and figure out what is making him insecure so he won’t have to feel that way. I want him to stop leaving the house in mix match clothes and actually put effort into his outfits every time we go out like I do every time we meet. I want him to feel comfortable and just be photogenic with me and make memories with me why does he have more pictures of me in his phone than I do of him? He never sends me pictures of him unless I ask for some but I willingly get cute just to take cute photos of myself for him. When people ask what he looks like I literally have to scroll just to find a photo of him while he can find one of me easily. He says he doesn’t want to do too much of posting me because of people being in out business but we just made a year yesterday. I want him to have the confidence to pull out his phone and willingly without being asked take photos of me and let me do the same to him. I want to be shown off and I want to show him off on social media even if it’s not a post just a little appreciation every now and then or a highlight on his page would be enough for me and I would do the same for him as long as he would stop acting so awkward when it comes to taking pictures. I want him to loose weight because why does my boyfriend have bigger titties if not the same size as me? That’s not cute he doesn’t make an effort to work out at all
Am I just being picky?
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