I need relationship advice? ASAP?

So me an my fiancé have been together for 3 years. When I met him he was so charming so sweet so nice and loving. I fell for him instantly. Once We hung out. We never left each other. He has spent 1 year in prison out of this relationship. I faithfully stayed by him. I committed myself to him the first day I met him. After he got out he changed he began being mean more mean then usual.. I’ve supported us with a car a house, food all of his music stuff so he can accomplish his dreams. He calls me names all the time.. the main name I can’t stand is SLOW! It really hurts the things he says. Makes me feel not good enough, worthless an empty and he breaks me down little by little... an he doesn’t seem to care about my feelings. I feel like when he makes deacitions.. I’m never thought of. I’m not aloud to have social media and if I dare added my exes on it.. he’d freak!!! But I caught him having 5 accounts even made a fake one about me an put a link to porn on it. He said he deleted them. & all I wanted was the passwords but he “deleted” them before I could see it. He will never understand the pain and the feeling he gives me. My question is how do I fix this relationship? It’s always my fault and not his I just want him to take responsibility for his actions. I’m currently expecting our first child together. And I don’t want to be a broken family because I do love him. How do I get him to understand what he does is wrong?
I need relationship advice? ASAP?
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