What was the reason?

My ex and I have been through plenty ups and downs these 8 years but I was always willing to work through things. After a lapsed judgement that made his feelings feel disregarded, I immediately tried to correct my mistake. Well after 8 years he ghosted me.
I thought after an argument we had a week prior that I had forgave him for where very hurtful things were said and the apology he made that we would have been fine. I was devastated and sought therapy. I was healing and doing well. I had finally decided to give him his stuff and dropped it off on his step. Afterwards he said he needed to see me. I wasn’t ready at that point but a few days later agreed to it. He came over apologizing for the way he reacted and treated me these past 8 years. He said I was the best girlfriend he ever had but said he could never see us getting back together because he believes there’s too many scars for us to fix. Wtf was all that even for?
What was the reason?
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