Do good people snap once in their lives?

For instance, if my long-distance boyfriend (and best friend of many years... we were friend before resuming our relationship again years later) visits me... only to leave because he doesn't find me ready for anything or invents other excuses and goes back to his state then I picture myself snapping.

All my goals and dreams of a family would be shattered. I imagine saying ''You can't do this to me, you can't'' and then go kind of crazy. I can't deal with him finding anyone better either. It's me (whom he promised a family for the longest) or nothing. I might do a witchcraft on him so he never finds anyone else.
27 d
I've reaching a breaking point in my life where I just want to be with my love and form a family. Him walking out, will be a lost for me. It means I've fought this battle (my parents hated him in the past, my mom more than dad) so for long and him rejecting at this point will make me go kind of crazy.
Do good people snap once in their lives?
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