Girls or guys Should I keep dating my boyfriend?

So I have been dating my boyfriend for almost 2 years, we met in high school junior year. And now we are in college freshman year before we were just very toxic and it was my first relationship I would just be shy and not do anything but smile overthink and start arguments but I broke out of my shell and decided to be healthy and communicate and learn to not be insecure so much and everything was good. Until he started to control what i wore because of my body. It sticks out in some clothing to the point where he said if wore anything again he would break up with me. Then I broke up with him beginning of freshman year of college. After 2 months we started talking again he said that he was sorry and he shouldn’t have done that so I gave him a second chance and everything was good again and ever since he hasn’t said nothing about my clothing and he has been super nice and gave me compliments about what I wore. My friends knew him for a long time and they told me they don’t like him for me because of his pass and how he did my friend wrong because he cheated on her. So They were happy I broke up with him but I would sneak out without my friends knowing I’m talking to him and when they figured out I was with him again they were not happy they were just shaming me... But I feel like somethings missing, I mean we talk, we laugh, but he doesn’t smile around me im goofy but He is too but it’s just we don’t do it like with each other a lot it’s and seems like he scared to smile which is why I’m thinking he doesn’t like me :( and next semester is about to start but he isn’t coming due to Covid and now I feel happy that he isn’t coming I feel like because of my friends are not gonna see me with him cuz I don’t like people judging me it just eats me up and also being I want to be free and alone also but I still like him so much so I don’t know what to do and o need help. Ik people break up with people even though they still like them is this one of those things?
Girls or guys Should I keep dating my boyfriend?
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