Did we both do something equally wrong?

So my boyfriend was texting my best friend a lot and he took a while to respond to me. I felt jealous in a way because it’s how I get due to the way I was treated before. So I told my best friend but she told him and he tried to ask me what was wrong but I thought it was stupid so I tried to get him to avoid it. So what HE did was go to my best friend and say mean things about me such as how I was toxic, I didn’t care about how he felt, how he’d break up with me if I didn’t trust him by the end of the year because he’s been trying to gain my trust for almost a year (keep in mind he told me that he’d never leave me so when I found out he said this I was devastated and angry), and that I was an unsolved person. I have told him that if he ever has a problem with me to come and talk to me because it’s part of communication, but no he went to my best friend, said a bunch of stuff about me, and then lied to my face when I asked him something at school. So I felt really angry and ended up scheming behind his back. This is what “I” did: so I was really angry and I was ready to confront him this coming up Monday and give him an ultimatum but I was getting really impatient so I had my best friend send a lot of stuff to him and they ended up arguing. I was on her account the whole time so I knew what was happening but at the same time when he was texting MY account I was acting clueless. I was really mad and I believe that me scheming behind his back is how I retaliated to him lying to my face, saying things behind my back, and refusing to listen to what I’m trying to say. Well now that we talked about some of the things he said I realized that when I tell him about me scheming behind his back on Monday then he might hate me. I don’t know what to do and I don’t know who’s right or wrong (for all I know we could both be in the wrong). I also just want to know who did more hurtful things. My best friend said it’s 50/50 bc we both did wrong. Can someone please help? And explain?
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Did we both do something equally wrong?
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