What do I do in this difficult relationship situation? Verbal abuse and friendship problems?

My boyfriend has developed serious trust issues toward me. Before anyone asks, I did not do anything that would have provoked this.
Whenever anything happens, my boyfriend freaks out on me and starts throwing around accusations. If I hang out with my friends, he freaks out on me. If I reply late, he freaks out on me.

Last summer, I was with my friend and we had plans to meet up with our other friends and go on a drive into the city to go shopping, and my boyfriend blew up my phone and called me names.

He hadn’t called me names since then, but a week ago he got mad at me for not replying for an hour after we had gotten done hanging out and he spammed me and called me names again. I talked to him about it and he apologized but I didn’t feel like he was sorry. A few days went by, and I went to hang out with my friend. He got mad at me and called me names and cussed me out. I was tired of it and I felt like he didn’t give a shit so I broke up with him. I told him that I felt like we each had our own issues to work through.
I would tell my friend what was going on. We have been broken up for only 3 days now, but we have still been texting and I feel weird because we have been together so long and he’s been there for me in a way no one else ever has. We have plans to hang out tomorrow and I told my friend this and she went off on me and said I’m retarded and “how could you talk so much shit and then still go and hang out with him 3 days after you break up”. His friend also invited me and him to come to a party for New Years, and I said yes. I told her this. I feel like she’s tired of me telling her what goes on and then not just leaving.

It’s really hard for me, especially because we have grown up together and he is all I have ever known and I can’t picture things without him. I now kind of just feel stupid. It felt good to have someone to talk about everything with, but now I feel like my friend isn’t there for me anymore and doesn’t support me. What should I do?
What do I do in this difficult relationship situation? Verbal abuse and friendship problems?
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