Would you stay with your partner if they were racist?

I feel like my girlfriend is racist. Here is some stuff she has said. (These are not in order of time).
1. "Hispanic people are lazy. They just want free stuff and that's why they cross over illegally."
2. "I don't think they (she means Hispanics) should be allowed to speak Spanish. Why do you come here and not learn English? Like... Are you stupid?"
3. "Black people are literally the biggest cry babies. We lock mexican women and children in cages and they don't cry about it like they do."
4. "OMG. Does she have corona virus (there was an Asian female walking)?" She said this while inside of our car waiting for traffic of people to pass by at the mall.
-she has said worse but like this is some stuff she has said.

Anyway, my girlfriend is racist as hell. She is so mean in terms of this but to me, she is very nice. She is a very good girlfriend. Like extremely faithful and kind. We've been together for 3 years and this racism thing barely came out after the riots but more specifically, when corona happened. It started with Chinese people but she like worked her way up to everyone else. She just started bashing on everyone. It was like a domino effect because I let her do this and didn't get mad at her the first times. This is said in private. One on one. Never in groups or public.
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Would you stay with your partner if they were racist?
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