Boyfriend leaving the country in a year for university?

I have been with my boyfriend around 6 months but we’ve been “going out” for like a year. I love him so much, he treats me like a princess. However, he knows that he wants to leave the country for university in summer 2022 (we’re in college). He has told me how he greatly dislikes long-distance relationships and he’s planning to move with a friend when he leaves the country. When he talks about his plans, I’m not in them, he has also said how this coming year will be our last one “together” (he means as in seeing each other daily but that also implies being our last year as a couple). He mentions how excited he is for his new start and I’m really happy for him but it hurts hearing him say that as if he wouldn’t care if what we have ended. I just don’t know what to do. With this pandemic, we’ve been with each other 24/7, we’re each other’s support, we have so much fun together, he treats me so lovingly... is this really worth trying after knowing that in a year I won’t have him? I just love him so much :(
Boyfriend leaving the country in a year for university?
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