What should I do? Boyfriend seems to be okay with not hanging out?

It seems like my boyfriend is not wanting to hang out with me. I went over his family's house for Thanksgiving. My boyfriend and I haven't hung out since before Thanksgiving. So to give some background, he has been stressed with work and so I tried to give him a break. We work together at the same office and we communicate about projects and text but it's not quality time when we are at work. He plays World of Warcraft in his free time. So for two or three weeks we haven't hung out or anything. I expressed to him that I miss hanging out with him and he said that it was because of work and I said I understand that but I also wanted to express to him how I felt. He said he understands. However his family would come over on the weekends and he would hang out with them. Now it's going on four weeks since we have hung out. We are on a two week break from work which started this week and we haven't hung out. We went to the office on Sunday and stayed late to finished a project but we haven't hung out as a couple. I'm getting worried. I feel like things will go downhill when the holiday break is over because it seems like playing World of Warcraft is more of a priority. I've expressed to him how I feel and that I'm sad. He calls me more but he isn't making any effort to hang out. His family is wanting me over for Christmas? But im debating on if I should go or not? Should I not go to send a message to him and give more space so he misses me? Help please!
What should I do? Boyfriend seems to be okay with not hanging out?
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