Should I give my girlfriend a second chance or was it right dumping her?

I found out she was a major HS bully. She never told me this. Not just this but it was my cousin (who is her same age) she would target the most with her friends.

I'm more upset about being lied to, her pretending not to know my cousin, never owning up to her past and when my cousin confronted her, she reverted back to insulting her for not getting over it. It makes me think she's still a bully and a liar so I've dumped her.

She's been crying, claiming she freaked out upon meeting my cousin and just didn't know how to apologize to her, that she was so ashamed of how she was that she wanted to be known for the present and thought pretending to meet her for the first time was the right way. She claims she wanted to tell me the truth too but didn't when or how I would react.

I always value the truth, no matter how much it hurts. Now I feel I don't know who I've been dating for 2 years. Is she just crying that she got caught in the lies (her past catching up to her) and not wanting to lose me? In addition, what's so hard about apologizing to someone you've wronged badly? Come to think of it, my girlfriend rarely apologizes in general. So was it right dumping her?
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The fact that she would've continued with the lie and never own up to it like an adult does when they're wrong is making me think I've dated a phony, a liar and that she's not really sorry for what she did but only crying for losing me.
Should I give my girlfriend a second chance or was it right dumping her?
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