Why is my friend talking to my ex?

I just broke up with my boyfriend of 3 years (3 days ago) and it's very painful. We broke up because he was constantly criticizing me and getting incredibly angry at me for little things that I feel like normal people wouldn't even react to. Like if I used the wrong tone of voice asking him a question or looked at him the wrong way. He also asked me to borrow thousands of dollars for a car last month, which i refused and he seemed to get even meaner after that. He and I live together and I agreed to give him 1 month to find another place.

I befriended a neighbor at the beginning of this year and really thought we had become good friends. I confided in her about our breakup. She's about my age and very attractive. She has come over a couple of times and I noticed my ex may have a thing for her. He gets incredibly nervous and giddy whenever she's around. Anyway yesterday she sent me a text that said she ran into my ex when he was pulling out of the drive way and they chatted for about a half hour. She didn't go into any detail but said she thought maybe he was trying to find out if she knew anything about our breakup. I found it odd that they would sit and chat for a whole half hour? About what? I confronted my ex and asked him. He blew up at me and he told me he can talk to whoever he wants (true) but he did eventually tell me they talked about her religion, his religion and their upbringings as children.
I just find it incredibly odd that my 'friend' would be having this kind of discussion with my ex who I just broke up with 3 days ago especially after I confided in her about our breakup and how hurt I am. Also she and I had plans to meet but she canceled saying she wasn't feeling well. Am I overreacting? What should I do?
Why is my friend talking to my ex?
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