How to get over an obsession over a guy?

Ever since this guy started messaging me every day I think over time I got really addicted to messaging him and now I think I am obsessed with him. We are in the same class so I will see him every single day and I think over time I developed an unhealthy obsession of him. I just constantly think about him and want all his attention then get jealous when he talks with other girls. I confessed to him before and he said he likes me and then started to touch me more but after some time I asked what we are and he said I don't know I'm not ready for a relationship. It made me so sad but yet I'm still obsessed with him and don't think i can move on. Plus it is so hard to avoid him because he's basically in all the group chats I'm in and I will see him in uni... Do you guys have any idea what I can do to get over him?
How to get over an obsession over a guy?
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