Why does my family isolate my boyfriend of nearly 5 years?

My mom can’t seem to stand me being in a relationship. She’s pushed many times for me to be seen as independent to be a single mom. My sister is and she compares us.
She says things like look at your sister she’s got a degree. Whenever I see my mom she makes digs at me like oh you look tired pretty though.

I decided to go on a health journey this year, an she thinks that was my partners choice when it was mine. They all at every family function want to ply me with endless alcohol. Christmas Day I went to see them , I was hanging with my nieces and my mom went out of her way to bring me a whole glass of cider. Didn’t even ask if I wanted it.

My sisters at her beck and call because my moms husband isn’t a caring sympathetic type. So she expects me to be the same but I am not responsible for caring or filling that void for her when she’s a married woman.

My boyfriend is caring romantic etc total opposite of her husband and the baby fathers of my sister. It’s like they can’t except that I picked right. My sister tries to make out I was cheated on I am naive etc but I have just found someone decent. An she is single mom of 3 at 30.

At Christmas my mom made snipey comments about where my boyfriend was he wasn’t invited she was just being bitchy. One time I went to see her he came and she asked him if he’s going out or something like go away sort of thing which was super rude.
He hasn’t been to see her since.
I feel she wants her daughters selfishly to herself which is possessive in my opinion.

As new year approaches she asked what is he doing knowing full well my sister is having a 30 party biggest night of year so she was making it clear he wasn’t to come. Which he has no intention of anyway. As they exclude him. They include my bros fiancé of a year more then him even get my nieces to call her aunty.
Every card I receive is to me and my son like he’s invisible. It’s made me resent them. It’s so spiteful.
Why does my family isolate my boyfriend of nearly 5 years?
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