He asked for a break but he says we can talk if we need to what does this mean?

We lived together during quarantine he's 26 and I'm 21. We faught a lot and argued and I said some horrible things that hurt him. I always complained that he does not tell me I love you and he does not make me feel loved. He decided to take a break. He said he wants to think things through he needs a break from everything, some space. He called me late at 2 he says he was watching a movie late and as he was about to sleep he looked at pictures we took together and he realised that im the woman he wants to be with because the pictures made him see the positive side of the relationship. He told me he misses me and he realised a lot of things and he appreciates me. He said he would like to be with me because he loves me and he misses me and does not want to loose a great woman like me. Later I called to ask where we stand since we are on a break he told me that he just wanted to let me know how he feels and since he nver told me these things, he wants me to know that he appreciats me. I asked about the break and he said we are still on a break. i got confused but i just said okay. He said the break will be untill February the 1st (max date) but he can come early. He also said that he wants to be with. After the call ended he said he wants us to write things we like, hate and love about each other then the next time we talk, we will tell each other. After dropping the call he said he loved me of which this he never said to me before. Help me understand what's going on.
He asked for a break but he says we can talk if we need to what does this mean?
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