What issues does my boyfriend have, is he abusive?

Here are some things he does:
-ignores me when he’s mad or upset
-if something triggers him he explodes and screams at me
-he hits things rarely, like the steering wheel or wall
-he calls me names like bitch, whore, and stupid and has said I’m a bad person when he’s mad
-after he gets angry, later on he is all sweet again
-normally he’s all of me and so sweet but if something I do triggers him he switches personalities
-he doesn’t want to talk about my feelings and jokes about them
-he overreacts
-I feel like he wants to hit me sometimes and feel scared
-he has phases where he absolutely does not care about me at all, like he’ll watch me cry with no emotion, tell me he doesn’t care about me or our relationship, etc and then later is fine
I’m at a loss of what to do. The relationship is great when he’s not angry but when he is I feel so dejected, hurt and alone. He said he has anger issues but doesn’t say much else about it. Please help what should I do? Is he abusive?
What issues does my boyfriend have, is he abusive?
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