Do I have a right to be mad or annoyed at my friend and her boyfriend?

My best friend of 6 years and I had planned to spend New Years together for the first time, this had been planned two weeks in advance and it was specified that it would be just us. Flash forward to New Years day, her boyfriend of less than 1 month decides he wants to come. Normally if this was a group of people, I wouldn't care, but it would just be my friend, her boyfriend, and I alone hanging out. He insisted that he has to come and that by her saying no that she's actually betraying him.

I didn't want him to be there because I go to university across the country, its VERY expensive to fly there and back, and due to COVID-19 I have to take over a month off of work (a 2 week quarantine when I arrive and then when I return, I only came home for Christmas by the way). I barely came home before COVID due to the flight cost, but now with COVID its likely I won't come home until Christmas next year, and I told her this. I didn't want to third wheel. I said I just wanted to spend New Years just us and have girls night since its not going to happen for a long time again. She tells her boyfriend this and he flips shit about not being invited, she got really upset and I said he should come at like 11:30 so they could go into the New Year together. This made him even more mad because he wanted to come at like 8:30pm, I eventually was like whatever lets just have our girls night the day after, but she said no. After a huge fight, he agrees to come at 11:30.

So it happens, after he leaves I tell her to tell him I said it was nice (it wasn't I was just being nice), he responds to that message very rudely. I'm just hurt & mad because it was supposed to be my friend and I's night together, we never got to do stuff like this before and the fact that she allowed it when she knows I'll be gone for at least a year kind of hurts, especially since we've been best friends a long time and her relationship hadn't even hit 1 month
Do I have a right to be mad or annoyed at my friend and her boyfriend?
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