Guys, which girl (or girls) out of the following seems most appealing to you?

Art by Septio Elson
Art by Septio Elson
Here is a list of exes, with some details changed around out of respect. Which one seems the most appealing or likable to you? Try not to do the lame-ass "none of them" or "all of them" thing, cause obviously they're not going to be 100% perfect for you.


#1. Becky. Hispanic w/ black hair. 24. DMV worker. Fun-loving and affectionate with down-to-earth Bronx roots, but kinda ditzy and dumb.

#2. Krystal. White blonde. 38. Supermarket manager. Has depth, personality, and a great body, but a single mom and smoker.

#3. Jen. White w/ black hair. 22. Powerlifter and personal trainer. Feminine and goofy at times, but super-strong and sometimes aggressive.

#4. Lindsey. White strawberry-blonde. 26. Convention center organizer. The good girl and country sweetheart with a big nerdy side, but a little predictable and boring.

#5. Joyce. Hispanic w/ brown hair. 21. Business school student. Sassy and vivacious, but easily bored and hard to please.

#6. Kelly. White w/ dyed blonde hair. 33. Real estate agent. Down-to-earth and easy to talk to, but requires a lot in her man: 5'11" minimum, with a beard, and a 'conservative' masculine personality.

#7. Chelsea. Black w/ dark hair. 23. Law student. Good sense of humor and pretty engaging, but somewhat depressed behind the upbeat demeanor.

#8. Miranda. Russian-American w/ brown hair. 29. Retail at Target. Super tall and full figured. Very sexual and willing to please in and out of bed, but also easily jealous and kind of a drama queen.

#9. Sabrina. White w/ citrus orange hair. 27. Nurse. Very confident, funny, and charming, but also pretty lazy with bad habits (drinking/weed).

#10. Tiffany. Black w/ brown hair. 28. Plus-sized fashion model. Very obtainable standards in men and great at conversation, but constantly needs attention and high energy from her man.

#11. Kaitlyn. White redhead. 30. Bank teller. Very tall. Very bold, caring, empathetic and passionate, but zero tolerance for games and childishness.
11 d
My personal favorites were Kaitlyn and Lindsey. It's sad Becky and Jen got no love, at all.


Becky: 0
Krystal: 0
Jen: 0
Lindsey: 4
Joyce: 1
Kelly: 1
Chelsea: 3
Miranda: 0
Sabrina: 2
Tiffany: 1
Kaitlyn: 2
Guys, which girl (or girls) out of the following seems most appealing to you?
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