Would you call this an emotional affair?

There's this guy who is married and a married woman. They are good friends. He had a rough time last 10 days and got very upset over that (he had fire at home, nothing serious but still upsetting enough). He also has Covid but with no serious simptoms (had mild fever few days).
They usually text almost every day. Some texts are flirty, some just fun but they get along great.
Ever since he got sick their contact even intesified. But since this fire thing happend his wife and kids went away for few days because she got scared. He talks to this other woman every day now. They talk from morning till night. He went to her for encouragment, telling her all his fears and feelings. She calmed him down. He said he needs a psychiatrist, meaning to talk to someone and it happens to be her. He said she has the last word and he likes it.
Would you call this an emotional affair?
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