IM confused please help me?

Should I keep talking to someone that I recently reconnected with since high school
about a week ago, or should I stop? They told me they want to see where it goes, but also told me that they wonder if it's loneliness and isolation due to being single and because of the pandemic that has them drawn to me, they told me that they question
themselves about that quite frequently.. but on one hand they did invite me out for coffee whenever we both had the time.. Or we could walk my dog together (following the CDC guidelines) I've asked them if things get better do they feel that the
novelty of me would have worn off, and they said that they don't think so as long as we come to understand one another, and they would like for us to explore some hobbies
together. I'm soo confused. is this pandemic loneliness and i will be dropped shortly after things improve or something real?
IM confused please help me?
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