Does this woman deserve compassion? Should she forgive herself?

She met a guy young and fell in love.
After some time there were red flags mostly surrounding his interest in her stemming from his perception of her 'wealth'. She noticed that he wasn't really the settling down type, he talked the talk but didn't ever follow through with whatever.
He created distance at times. Implied he was busy sorting a business.
Called her irritating, accused her of cheating. Convinced her, her friends were no good.
Got her so drunk that she'd black out during intimate moments.
Everytime she tried to pursue a normal relationship, he would have excuses. She couldn't meet the family or spend time socialising with his friends. They did less and less together.
She had to steal photographs of them whilst he routinely demanded nudes and sexual favours that only got more risqué as time went on.

They kept breaking up to get back together. Only to break up again, the gaps in between only getting longer and longer.
He then starts suggested she date other men, as he's so busy, finding a bed buddy, so long as she keep him in the loop.

If after she wizened up to his games she let him know and ended it for good.
Some months later she receives a message from the supposed "ex"...
Maybe the reason behind his games.
Does she deserve compassion? Should she forgive herself for loving him so much she kept trying?
Or is she a calculating idiot that stuck at something that was destined to fail simply because of pride?
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I made mistake it was supposed to say *a message from the supposed 'girlfriend'.
Does this woman deserve compassion? Should she forgive herself?
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