How to live with a man that you no longer love?

I’m almost 25. I live with my fiancé for 4,5 years. Recently I keep thinking that I don’t love him anymore. There is nothing between us. We do get intimate but I feel nothing, I don’t even want sex. But we are still doing it cause I feel like it’s my duty. We don’t go on dates, we barely do anything together. He is always working, watching TV, playing games and he is not interested in anything else. I ask to play board games, go for a walk or smth and he refuses. I know it’s COVID now and there aren’t many thing to do available. But I missed that feeling of being loved, being taking care of. I don’t think I love him. And I’m starting to think that he doesn’t love me anymore also.

But we can’t divorce. We have a pet and we both love her dearly. I have no idea how we would be able to share her. We built our lives together. We live in a house that we both bought with housing loan.
I can’t imagine my life without him. Even tho I fell nothing, but I’m used to wake up next to him. And he treats me like a princess. Like no one ever did. I know he is every girl’s dream.

is it selfish of me to stay in that kind of relationship? Can we actually fix it? I’m willing to do anything to fix it.
How to live with a man that you no longer love?
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