Girls, how long did it take you to stop wearing makeup?

for me, I grew up in a house where looks are everything. I remember my mother's advice for having friends was "never to have friends prettier than you, but never ugly ones." My grandmother's advice was "have prettier friends, the male leftovers are good". But both revolved around looks.
Well I have always struggled with acne and have been humiliated to almost a crippling point to ever go into public without makeup because of it.
When my boyfriend and I got together, the ENTIRE first about year and a half I would wake up early if we spent the night together JUST to put makeup on. After we moved in together I sort of lessened up, I wouldn't put it on as soon as I woke up, but always before work, and if I ever had a day off work and he didn't I always had it on before he got home.
We've lived together for 3 years now and I'm not sure exactly when I made the change, but I just kinda stopped putting it on before he saw me. However it wasn't until recently that I stopped putting on makeup before work. I stopped doing a full face forever ago, however since covid hit We've been required to wear a mask. Acne on my forehead has never been bad, so the mask covers my problem areas, and the only people that saw me without it are my close friends (all of whom are age 50+ so literally don't care at all)

Since then, I've worn make up less and less around the house. I still put on basic concealer and foundation to go to the store and run errands, but I pretty much only put on a full face before special occasions and when I'm trying to be "sexy" for my boyfriend.

Ladies how long or old were you before you were comfortable enough to be seen without the make up?
Girls, how long did it take you to stop wearing makeup?
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