Should I lose my virginity?

I was raised by parents and catholic schools that if you have sex before marriage you’ll go to hell. I used to want my future husband to wait but seems no one waits anymore. I’m 27 and still a virgin because of my upbringing and fear of being cheated on or dumped after having sex. Previous boyfriend also wanted to wait. An ex cheated on me cuz I wouldn't and tried rape. I’m the only one out of my friend group who is a virgin and it’s a secret of mine so I don’t get the stupid remarks and shock or seen as a prude. I’m currently with my boyfriend of 4 years and starting to rethink this ideal and have sex. I’m starting to feel less of a women prob cuz my age and friends talk about it a lot and sex is always in movies. Should I have sex with my boyfriend? I’m starting to feel he’s not the one since he’s been getting lazy and stubborn but I trust him but also don’t wanna get to close and not be able to break up.
Should I lose my virginity?
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