Do you call this a relationship?

I've always been confused on what to name it. When people ask if I've been in a relationship, sometimes I say yes. Other times I say no.
So, I was 17 and the guy I used to talk with online was 23. We talked for 2 years before we met and started to go out. During this time, he asked me out a lot of times to which I'd always say "no". He used to say he liked me, and said that many times. I liked him too, but never admitted it to him. We only texted, but never videochatted.
After 2 years of online talking, we exchanged numbers. On our first conversation over the phone (it was evening), I felt strongly attracted to him. We talked for about an hour. And he seemed to be attracted to me too. We talked again that night, until 4 am, and I did (what I say, a big mistake) of saying to him "I love you". I didn't mean it.
He said he loved me too. I was too embarrased to take back what I had just said, so I left it at that. Anyways, the other thing that I said to him was that I had daydreamed as if I had had sex with him during those 2 years of talking (which was true).
Needless to say, we started dating. We continued to talk every day and night on the phone. We told each other "I love you", and we met after 1 week. On our first date, we kissed. What I realised was that in the first moment we met, I stopped feeling anything about him. I didn't like him anymore.
We went out for 3 months during which : we talked every day and night on the phone, we would meet everyday, we would make out a lot, he would continuously ask for sex (we did it 3 times), we would say we loved each other.
The thing is I never loved him and I had stopped liking him but went along with the whole thing because I couldn't tell him I did that mistake that night. And also I liked his kisses. And he didn't seem to have any feelings for me. I guess it was just for the sex. So seriously, what do you call this?
Do you call this a relationship?
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