Is she just a friend or a girlfriend?

Jake and I have been dating for about 5-6 months now. Jake is young, has ton of money, owns houses, and safe to say an alpha male. Jake has helped me with my business, motivates me for the better, is a total sweet heart and simp for me lol. I love it.
I noticed a few girls on his Instagram page comments. One stood out the most because he use to like her pics on her business page AND regular Instagram page and comment on her stuff.
About two months ago I asked him about her because I seen a pic with her at his house and went off cause I thought the cropped out leg was him.
Turns out it wasn’t, It was his room mate. He showed me the full picture and told me he’s actually the one who took it. She was all cuddled up with the dude too. She calls him her husband and all but I was confused cause she use to be under all his pics. He says that’s just his sis, and that’s like his best friend 😒 So I’m like okay cool!
Y’all it’s now January and this girl best friend is stalking me! Which of course is her watching from her friend page.
I won’t lie, I watched her story a few times then blocked her after because I didn’t want to seem weird. I watch it now just to see if I see him with them 🤷🏾‍♀️ at least I’m honest. I live in a whole different state, 8 hours away to be exact so we decided we’ll just be friends til I move back.
My question is do y’all think she’s just a friend? I tried to talk to multiple fake pages that I suspect is hers and even wrote on my story for her to DM me because it’s not fair if something is going on for me not to know.
Instead, she writes indirect post like wtf. My thing is he messes with multiple females (that live in the same state) and I live 8 hours away why stalk me! I know that when I’m in town he does drop mostly everything for me and he still gives me whatever I want no matter the distance. I don't know what to do I feel like it’s childish and bullying since she won’t speak up but get her friends to stalk me.
Is she just a friend or a girlfriend?
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