Was I in the wrong with my fiancé?

Yesterday I tried to get dishes done before I had to cook. He came in telling me I should only do the ones we needed for the meal so it wouldn’t take so long. So I did that and let the rest of the dishes sit there.

They were still there when I got up this morning, so I started doing them while he was still asleep. He works 3rd shift so he comes home at 6 am and sleeps until the afternoon.

Our pest control people are due this morning so I wanted the house to be relatively clean when they came in. So I got started on the dishes that needed to be done still.

He comes in saying that. I should do dishes while he’s at work because I woke him up with the noise I was making. I said, “I usually do,” and then he said, “well that doesn’t help me now, now I’m up and can’t go back to sleep.”

His lack of appreciation for the fact that I do most of the housework pisses me off enough, let alone him trying to dictate when exactly I’m supposed to do it. But he thinks I was being inconsiderate of the fact that he needed sleep.

Was I wrong?
Was I in the wrong with my fiancé?
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