Am I in a toxic relationship?

my boyfriend of 1 year doesn’t want me to wear “un modest” clothing, bathing suits, etc... which i understand to an extent but i can't even wear a crop top without him being upset with me. he doesn’t force me too but he does tell me he feels uncomfortable and he wants me to be “all his” and i get it but he gets mad when i associate with any other people. especially guys. i don’t have any guy friends because he said he would leave me if i did. he tells me he doesn’t want me to wear skirts, dresses, tank tops with cleavage, and he hates all of my bathing suits. i’ve been so understanding but honestly i can’t take being told what to do all of the time. he used to degrade me a lot but he doesn’t do it anymore. like calling me a whore or a hoe.
Am I in a toxic relationship?
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