I am confused about whether I miss my ex, or I am just having cold feet. What do you think?

Long story short.

(Girl A) Met after a bad breakup, dated one month, I ended things to go back to my ex. We broke up again, and we started hanging out again as friends with benefits. Eventually became official, but ended things shortly after because I felt like I didn't love her how I should after 6 months. And lacked chemistry, she was a great woman overall, and I really miss her at times. I felt like shit for how I treated her, in hindsight I was still not over my ex.

(Girl B) Met shortly after breaking up with A. At first she was a dream girl. Beautiful, more my "type", studying to get her Psych PHD, good family. But she is much more difficult and negative. Also didn't want to be official until about 7 months in, though we were exclusive the whole time. We have a lot more arguments, but our sexual chemistry is much better, and kissing is a huge thing for me. Recently things have become much more serious, I met her family / friends and she has met mine.

My current girl (B) will be moving away soon to continue her internship for her PHD, and I would probably be going with for things to continue. It has me thinking a lot about our future and if she is right for me. I would really miss my family here, but I wouldn't be opposed to moving, but I have doubts about how serious she is with me, and I think that is why I miss A. It might not have been as exciting but we were really good friends, she was a great person, and I probably could have built a life with her here. With the current girl I would definetily have to move, and sacrifice a lot, for someone I'm not sure would do the same for me.

What do you guys think? I think I love B, but I have a lot of doubts, and I also realize that although I might not have at the time. I really did grow to love A and everything she provided. I wish I could mix the 2. Am I just thinking the grass is greener? Having a cold feet moment? Etc?
I am confused about whether I miss my ex, or I am just having cold feet. What do you think?
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