Behavior of exgf during seperatoin?

Hello everyone, new here.
Gals I have a question. So before the pandemic we were just starting to date, everything was going great until both of us post our jobs. After a couple of weeks of staying in my pickup after I lost my job, she invited me move in, I agreed on paying half the bills and rent. After we broke up after a month she said the reason she wanted to break up was because she wanted to date another guy. He ended up flaking and ended up being a cheater that was caught. Shortly after that she went on a dating site she frequently uses a lot. In the last month she has been talking to around 40 guys. And of course she was rubbing all these guys in my face showing them off comparing them to me. But one thing I noticed is that she frequently asked where all these guys work 🤔? It got so bad she had another friend stay for a few days before he left for out of state. She was hardcore trying to sleep with him in front of me. This action triggered the worst anxiety attack I've had in years from her phone constantly going off and she was blatantly trying to hide all of this in plainsight like she didn't want me to see what was on her phone because all these guys are just friends she wants to text. At one point she met a guy got his number and the next morning I walked in the bathroom to her sending this guy a nude pic after meeting not 10 hours prior. What on earth would compell a woman to do that?
Anyway all this pushing of my jealousy (I'm a scorpio) jealousy is tough for me. I ended up having the worst anxiety attack after not having them for 5 years. Thankfully her friend worked for a nursing home and was able to save me from not breathing. I did ask her if she would possibly wait to do this online dating thing until after I leave in a few weeks. She of course ignored it. So my main question is ladies why on earth would you want a bunch of guys all over 100 miles away at your disposal texting almost every 5 ten minutes every day? And pushing my jealousy to max
Behavior of exgf during seperatoin?
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