My bff wants to be my boyfriend, should I go for it?

so this guy has been my friend for a while now, but only recently have we gotten closer. i just broke up w my boyfriend a couple months ago w his help in realizing it was a toxic relationship. we hang out just the 2 of us often but we are in the same friend group too so we hang out w them also. even in a group setting he usually tends to stay around me which does make sense because we're pretty close. there has never been any romantic feel or anything until recently.

so he told me that he likes me and that ge doesn't expect anything from me but he just wanted to tell me. he said he is grateful for our friendship and if thats all i want then so does he. he is waiting for an answer and giving me as much time as i need.

i know for a fact that our relationship would be better than my relationship w my ex and that we would have a ton of fun together. the only thing id that i'm scared to get hurt again and/or lose a friend if it didn't work out. another thing is that he is graduating this year and leaving for 2 years. we're planning on going to the same college, but plans change and a lot can happen in 2 years.

i kind of do like him and how fun he is to be around. i've also found myself thinking about him more often now but I don't know why or what i should do. i love his friendship and he is very important to me in my life.

would gong for a relationship be smart or would it be stupid because he's leaving. basically if you were me would you date him or just stay friends and why?
My bff wants to be my boyfriend, should I go for it?
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