Should I let it be?

I have been dating this 23 year old for 2 years now and at first I didn’t want to say anything. But when it came to his following becoming larger and the people following him back is way smaller. I started to worry. So I kindly asked him why he only follows random girls that he doesn’t even know. They aren’t even famous they I are just random chicks. And almost every girl I pinpoint he says he either knows her or they use to go to high school toegther. Out of who he is following about 75 to 80% are just girls. And I’ve asked him to stop because it makes me feel uncomfortable. So he stops but he doesn’t unfollow anyone. Now we had this talk about 4x already and I am so tired. I checked to see if he unfollowed some of these random girls but he just followed more. He says he understands but either keeps doing it or doesn't do anything different in the end. What should I do at this point? I don’t know if I can handle another conversation about the same thing.
Should I let it be?
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