What’s my sisters problem with my life?

So from the beginning of my relationship nearly 5 years ago she was negative about it, she has never said I am happy for you once.

Instead she says my partner could cheat an I am naive. Then she asked if I feel controlled I said no she said I think you are. She’s a single 30 year old mom of 3 daughters.

One time my partner took me shopping and spoiled me and she said why did you take that from him like I committed a crime.
She says my life will be better when I am single.

She said my relationship isn’t love and that he doesn’t care about me. When she hasn’t took the time to really know him. She also said after me and my partner had an argument that my relationship would kill me. She is never around for the many good parts of my life but offers sheer support if I am down or anything negative occurs.

One time me and my partner got engaged we went through a miscarriage and wanted some joy she phoned me being negative then ended call only to ring back an say I am happy for you though but it was clearly not genuine.
when I was younger she read my text messages behind my back. The guy I was talking to romantically before my now boyfriend she follows on socials despite not knowing or ever meeting him which is odd to me.
She said my partner is not my life partner and it’s not meant to last. She also said can tell your not ready to leave him yet.
She also spitefully says my son wouldn’t even notice his dad no longer being around.
What’s my sisters problem with my life?
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