Why bother staying together?

Situation: Married 20 years with a 14 and 15 year old.
Business issues so potential relocation 1500 miles away.
Renting house 1500 miles away that's more like a mini mansion to start a new business., And also renting a very nic house, with other tenants downstairs but nothing like the mini mansion in the original area where the old business and home located. Old biz running and not going anywhere for at least a year or 2.
Wife knows husband is cheating but never confronts. Has not worked in 17 years. She takes kids and moves into mini mansion. Saying they want to try it out.
Husband left behind to run business and visits wife n kids every 2 weeks or so. Has been like this for almost 2 years. He might have to give up mini mansion and relocate elsewhere due to other biz issues. Wife getting used to being alone? Husband clueless about women. Wanting to be away from ur dad? Not being with your husband he's alone on weekends and weeknights?
Is this crazy and dysfunctional? Oh this is an Indian family in the US 30 years. Very Americanized.
Why bother staying together?
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