Have I upset her or something?

Known her for nearly 2 years now, she knows I like her, wrapped my arm around her, hand on her thigh, cuddled, kissed her head last time we saw each other in December 2020. She initiated the text conversation on Instagram, which she carried on even when I said I had to go 3 times. We talked for 2 weeks. Then my father got sick, he's had three major operations for removing his bowel, so his energy wains later on in the day, and I had to end it. She seemed dissapointed "Oh, okay. I hope you're alright and he gets better", we have a joke filled relationship, I just said to her "Thank you. You get some rest now, that pretty face could use it. Speak to you soon" (she stays up all night sometimes). It took her 4 days to open that message. Sent her a message yesterday "Hey quick favour, hit me up" as we usually study together. She hasn't opened it in a day. Do you think I upset her or something? It's unusual of her and I know she gets really down sometimes. Cheers
Have I upset her or something?
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