Posted it already no one to talk to?

It was a fling I happened to get pregnant he didn’t tell me until a month later we agreed to have an abortion I was willing to pay didn’t know anything what to do didn’t want family and friends in my business but he ended up ignoring me so I told myself I would just keep my baby and stay away from him. He happen to come back trying to be there then kept disappearing and I would block him until this day and he would then give me 6 clothes then disappear but now nothing. But I don’t get why he tend to keep coming back bothering me asking for pictures of my son and asking to FaceTime him but yet give him nothing. I just want him to leave us alone when I ignore his calls or block him some how he stole my sister number I guess one time I had my phn in his house and when I block him he calls her or text her. He changed his number and called me to give me it but what’s the point? Why not just leave us alone and continue to not post him and keep posting the others.
Posted it already no one to talk to?
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