I have a crush on my best friend (girl)14, when/how/should I (boy)15 tell her?

We have known eachother since primary school for 11 years, we had a relationship in primary school (not serious cuz its primary school). We have after 2 years out of contact gotten in contact again we both were getting into metal (big glowup us both) and liked gaming stuff and talked about school. Till November we talked only 4 times a week since November we talk 24/7 (text) and in December we got in voicechat again and spoke to eachother again after 3 years. We got really close we were in voice chat 10 hours per day in Christmas break and a part of quarantaine. In December I wasn't sure if I had a crush on her till we met irl again after 3 years and that was when I confirmed my crush. After that I wasn't gonna tell her because we only have seen eachother irl 1 time in 3 years but summer break will take too long (that is when she will change schools to my school) and it has just been valentines day. So I want to tell her but i'm scared and maybe she will get weirded out, and on top of that I can imagine she doesn't want a relationship with anyone from primary school and meet someone new (although she might say yes because we're that close and I know what will make her laugh when I am about to tell something)
I am just in need of help because I think she is losing interest in me and that chance of her saying something that sparks my hopes are getting smaller. PLS HELP and this detail is made in a rush because other detail was too big
I have a crush on my best friend (girl)14, when/how/should I (boy)15 tell her?
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