Is my boyfriend planning on cheating on me?

We met on tinder. I’ve been dating my boyfriend for a month and a half. He left two days ago for Alaska, he’s supposed to be there 30 days for work.

I am insecure and so I kept my tinder just to go to his profile and keep an eye on if his miles change. He knows I’m insecure because I’ve been cheated on by my ex husband and every man I’ve dated. Well he doesn’t know I kept tinder to keep an eye on the miles.

Even when he asked me to be his girlfriend he told me he deleted tinder. His tinder account was still up. But he didn’t have the app anymore.

Well this is his second Day in Alaska and we video chatted and he told me he loved me for the first time.

Well earlier today I looked and no mile change, still says 45 miles away, even tho he’s now 3000 miles away so I knew he wasn’t active since he’s been my boyfriend. Well I went to check again, and his whole profile is gone which means he either downloaded the app and deleted his profile tonight or he downloaded it and unmatched me so I couldn’t see something... be it a new bio or whatever. I’m hoping his intentions are good. I just messaged him, but he’s at work and I’m waiting on a reply. Do you think he’s trying to cheat while he’s out there?
Is my boyfriend planning on cheating on me?
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