So men can smell lying and fake women from miles away?

These are the main reasons my boyfriend wasn't interest in coming to my country and take me to FL:
- Meanwhile I love him and wouldn't mind if he stays forever in my country, my mom has been lying to him for years and wanted to cover up for her.
- I had no balls to stand up against my mother and her lies
- She treated him like garbage and then months later fakes an apology. Then criticizes and talks bad about him days later... and continues over the years.
- She was getting along with him so he can come marry me and take me to FL. She also thought he would bring us good gifts and find a way to also bring both her and my dad to FL too.
- Basically she used him as my ticket to FL (the ticket to both her and my dad too) and my only guilt is not telling the truth when my boyfriend asked several times ''Is your mother still talking bad about me, is she being a fake, is she''? I told him I didn't want to talk about it and changed the topic but he already suspected she was full of BS. So he got even with us (with my mom for being a fake person and with me for covering up bad behavior and letting him continue getting scammed) by postponing things and lying about coming over next year on every single year.

The truth is he always wanted a family and wants to come this time. Everything has been cleared out and there aren't anymore lies but was concerned he was risking it all (even his job) and was looking out for his interest... to make sure he wasn't wasting his time nor getting used. He thinks I was just as guilt as my mother for allowing it and that lying by omission made me just as bad too. So men are generally good in detecting fake, liars and users like my mother?
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In his own words, he was always 2 steps ahead of us all the time, making sure he doesn't get used. Understandable... no one likes getting used at all.
So men can smell lying and fake women from miles away?
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