Does liking a girl in a different state ever work?

I’m interested in Sara and we used to be co-workers at a grocery store, until I quite to work somewhere else. She’s was in a relationship during the time we were co-workers and a little after I quit. Learned that she’s single from social media. We are friends on Facebook and Instagram. The only problem is that I moved and live in a different state now. She’s in her second year of college, so I’m not sure, if she’ll attend a university outside of California, once she’s graduated from the community college she attends. Should I catch up and reach out to her, since I’m interested in her again? I do plan on moving back to California at done point next year, but that won’t be for awhile. She’s only nineteen years old, so she can think about her future and things can change.
Yes, it does!
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No, not at all.
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Sometimes it does, depends on the girl.
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Does liking a girl in a different state ever work?
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