Did I make things awkward?

So a close female friend who I think she's interested in me, but she isn't interested in a relationship (she's even said so on social media and posts those quotes that are about being single until you're ready. So I believe her about that) came over and we cooked lunch together because we were hungry. We were eating with my parents and I feel like I made things awkward. We kept looking at each other and I kept on smiling and trying not to laugh (I thought there was awkward silence so I kept smiling). One time she looked at me and gave me a thumbs up to which I looked away and smiled and immediately afterwards I felt awful for not giving the thumbs up back (I know this is something I shouldn't even be thinking about, but it's still bothering me). I don't think it made too much of a difference we still were talking and high fiving and still hugged each other goodbye (she called me "buddy" while going in for the hug, which partially felt great because she gave me a nickname and a stab to the chest cause apparently it's a friendzone nickname). Buy for some reason I feel awful because I feel like I made things awkward?
Did I make things awkward?
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