I want to get married but I feel my boyfriend doesn’t?

I don’t know if I’m over thinking this or I’m on the right track.

When we are outside or around people, My much older boyfriend (he’s 40 and I’m 26) always loves showing me off to his friends, family and co-workers and he makes me feel I’m the world in their presence but when we are alone he is distant, he doesn’t get touchy with me or kiss, cuddle or wants to have sex (I always make the first moves to make anything happen between us) and when I complain he says he’s not a touchy feelings person and it bothers me.

Something that also bothers me is that, I know particularly everyone in his life but he doesn’t know anyone in my life and anytime I try to get him to meet my friends, he’s always not interested and he has never ask or urge to meet anyone in my life.

One time I jokingly asked about us leading somewhere he said “ he doesn’t have an answer yet” after over a year of dating! And we are both doing well in our careers and lives at the moment.

I don’t know if I’m wasting my time thinking we are going somewhere or am I over thinking this and wait for him?
I want to get married but I feel my boyfriend doesn’t?
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