It is wrong to costantly think about death?

It is wrong to costantly think about death?
As you know, due to my health situation I costantly find myself thinking about the time of death and how it will be.
We already had a lot of death-themed decorations and pictures thanks to my fiancée, and while in the early times of our relationship I was a bit amused and unnerved a bit, now I appreciate those thematics even more than she does.
I took out some things I had bought as gifts for her and that went into storage and I've started putting them in the free spots of the apartment and in my office too - skulls of clay, a painting of a Death grabbing a young woman,. another picturing a procession of plagued monks, etc.
My fiancée on one hand appreciates my renewed interested but tonight she said I'm getting too engrossed in it and not get "obsessed" about it, that it's not healthy, etc.
At some point in the last months she had even proposed about putting away everything and change style completely, but I refused categorically.
I don't see anything wrong with it. It's a natural part of of the cycle of life. I am even considering getting some themed tattoos and the writing "Morire è vivere" - "To die is to live".
It is wrong to costantly think about death?
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