Would you sacrifice a good paying job to be with the one you love?

The job I'm in right now is the highest paying job I've ever had and for my age is a really good wage. I'm earning around £12 a hour ($16.75). Minimum wage in the UK is being changed to £8.91in April and most the jobs I worked before were all minimum wage and to be totally honest I don't see myself earning the money I am right now anywhere else most manual labor jobs in the UK are minimum wage which I think is really wrong but that's another discussion.

Right now I'm using the money to support my family (mum, dad, siblings) along with there incomes and soon my oldest sister who earns the most will be leaving the nest leaving me to be breadwinner. I'm also saving for my future, I'm wanna learn how to drive and get a car and as soon and I'm also saving for a house with my boyfriend we are hopefully looking at getting late next year.

The only thing is my boyfriend wants us to move to his home town that is almost a hour away from my hometown were I also work. We almost the same but he is self employed so I'm the one bringing in the stable income. He kinda needs to be in his hometown too as he has his business there and vulnerable family members who he cares for. The town were he lives is full of better opportunities, better schools etc but I'd still probably have to work a minimum wage job.

Because of the hours I work too the commute would be impossible and I'd never get any sleep so I really have no choice but to leave a good paying job to be with my boyfriend. Its a big gamble and sacrifice and it bouth hurting us a little knowing I'm gonna have to do that but we really have no choice if we wanna be together. Hopefully it won't be to bad as houses are also cheaper were he lives and everything is a walk away so cost of living would possibly go down.
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I should probably also mention my boyfriend comes from wealth but I don't want to have to rely on his families money to support myself that just feels wrong and I want to be able to support myself that's another issue I have because his mum and grandad are always trying to give us money but I don't want it
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Can't believe how many people choose money and there career over love. Your work won't be there for you the same way the people who love you will be. Actually really sad
Would you sacrifice a good paying job to be with the one you love?
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