Does my friends with benefits have feelings for me or love me?

I know this is a bad thing to do, but I can’t help who I love. I’ve been in a 1 year and a half friends with benefits relationship with my first love (my ex from 12 years ago). I lost my virginity to him when we dated and I’ve always loved him ever since. He has been with his girlfriend for almost 2 years now. He was with her for 3 months when he started talking to me again. He asked if we could have a friends with benefits relationship and I agreed. He told me it couldn’t be about emotions but after 5 months of speaking everyday and hooking up twice a month I confessed my feelings and instead of breaking it off with me, he said that he cared about me a lot and loved me but He wasn’t in love with me and wanted to continue seeing me. He ends up getting his girlfriend pregnant and since I’m in love with him I continued to see him. We still talk just about everyday but it’s usually me contacting him first but if I go 2-3 days without speaking he messages me. He says that I’m not just a hook up bc we have seen each other before and not done anything sexual. We talk like we are friends and when I need him he’s there and when we have sex, it’s amazing and I feel like he deeply cares about me bc of the way he does certain things when we do have sex. I’m wondering if he has feelings for me too and doesn’t want to admit it? I know, why would I want to keep doing it when he has a girlfriend who cheats on her but I love him and I need someone’s opinion.
1 y
I forgot to mention that his baby with his current girlfriend still is now 7 months old
Does my friends with benefits have feelings for me or love me?
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